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Safety Operation Regulations of Foaming Machine
Time:2021/8/31 11:08:26    

1. Preparation before production:

Before starting operation, you must wear sleeves and gloves to avoid burns.

Check and clean up the surrounding environment of the equipment, and do not store any items irrelevant to production.

Check whether the control switches, buttons, electrical circuits, operating handles and hand wheels of the equipment are damaged or malfunctioning. The handles should be placed in the "break" position.

Check whether the safety protection device of the equipment is intact and whether the work is sensitive and reliable. Check whether the test "emergency stop" is reliable.

The safety protection devices on the equipment (such as mechanical lock levers, stop plates, safety protection switches, etc.) are not allowed to move randomly, nor are they allowed to be modified or deliberately rendered ineffective.

Check whether the screws of each part are tightened, whether there is any looseness, if the parts are abnormal or damaged, they should report to the foreman, and the foreman will handle it or notify the maintenance personnel to deal with it.

2. Matters needing attention during production:

When installing the abrasive tool, use a forklift to push the mold into the foaming machine, adjust the mold to the center, first press the manual to raise the mold to close the mold, and then tighten the screws.

Turn on the main power switch of the machine tool, check whether the equipment is leaking electricity, and preheat the mold according to the set process temperature. When the mold temperature reaches the process temperature, it must be kept for more than 30 minutes to ensure the uniform temperature of all parts of the mold.

Start the oil pump in jog and check whether the equipment is abnormal or stuck. No abnormality is found before production can start.

All kinds of covers, protective covers, etc. of the electrical, hydraulic and moving parts of the equipment should be covered and fixed.

Without the permission of the foreman or technician, no one is allowed to press the buttons and handles.

When placing molds and inserts, they must be stable and reliable. If abnormalities are found during mold clamping, stop the machine immediately and notify relevant personnel to troubleshoot.

When repairing the machine or cleaning the mold for a longer period of time (more than 10 minutes), you must first open the mold, turn off the motor and the heater, and the operator is not allowed to leave the job when the repairer is repairing the machine.

No one is allowed to start the motor when someone is handling the machine or mold. When the body enters the machine tool or the mold is opened, the power must be cut off.

The material ring must be neatly placed in the mold. After the material ring is leveled, both hands must be completely removed from the mold before pressing the "auto start" button to start production. In the production process, after waiting for the mold to drop, the operator can stand on the operating platform, foam the finished product with air, and then clean the foreign objects in the mold. The finished product of foamed tires should be arranged and framed, and attention must be paid to the tightness between the frame and the tire.

When spraying water-based release agent, keep your eyes away from the mold so as not to spray your eyes.

If abnormal equipment noise, peculiar smell, sparks, oil leakage and other abnormal conditions are found during the operation of the machine tool, the machine should stop immediately, report to the relevant personnel immediately, and explain the failure phenomenon and the possible cause of the occurrence.

It is not allowed to use any reason or excuse to make operation methods that may cause personal injury or damage the equipment.

3. Precautions for shutdown:

When unloading the mold, you must wear sleeves and rubber gloves to avoid burns. First press manually to raise the mold, close the mold, turn off the motor and then loosen the screw.

Turn on the motor and slowly put down the mold. Pay attention to the high temperature of the mold. Use a forklift to remove the mold. Be careful when washing and changing molds to avoid danger.

When hanging the mold to place the mold washing bucket, be careful that the mold will spray gas at high temperature. The operator must keep a distance to avoid danger. The mold should not be soaked in the mold washing bucket for more than 3 days at most.

Turn the switches to the "off" position, and turn off the main power switch of the machine tool when the last shift of the holiday stops.

Clean up the machine tool, workbench and ground debris, oil stains and dust, and keep the workplace clean and tidy.

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