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Rules Of The Game Summary - Futsal.com. · Size #4. · Circumference: 62-64 cm. · Weight: 390-430 grams. · Bounce: 55-65 cm on first bounce. · Material: Leather or other suitable material (i.e., not dangerous) LAW III – Number of Players.

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Must wear a different color shirt. He/She may wear long pants and/or other padding as deemed safe by the match referee. May receive a kick-in directly. May kick the ball directly over the half-way line. May score directly with his/her feet during the run of play. May not possess the ball for more ...

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Goalkeepers are free to move anywhere on the pitch but can only handle the ball inside their own penalty area. They are allowed to throw the ball from their area into the opposition half. When the ball is in their possession, either in their hands or at their feet, they have four seconds in which ...

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Basic rules of futsal 5 players versus 5 players, one of which will be a Goalkeeper. It is expected that each player will have to take a turn... Subs on the fly, like hockey No offsides No goalkeeper punts, ball must stay below head height, otherwise possession and a free kick will be awarded to ...

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Any rules not mentioned in the following will be governed by the FIFA FUTSAL Laws of the Game except where variations have been made to the rules, to allow for CO-REC conditions. General 1) No ID…No Play…No Exceptions! 2) Game time is forfeit time. 3) Absolutely NO Slide tackling!

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General Futsal is played with an optimised ball that does not bounce as much as a traditional football. The aim is to score in the opposition's goal, which measures three metres across and two ...

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The laws of futsal are similar to those of football but with some important differences: let us talk you through the rolling substitutions, accumulated fouls, double penalties and four-second count.

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A circle with a radius of 3m is marked around it. A mark must be drawn outside the pitch, 5m from each corner arc, at right angles to the goal line and separated from the goal line by a gap of 5cm, to ensure that defending-team players retreat the minimum distance (5m) when a corner kick is being taken.